About I.O.W.A.

About Imagine Other Worlds with Authors

Imagine Other Worlds with Authors (I.O.W.A.) is the brainchild author Aaron Bunce, a member of Writers Anonymous, a group of word addicts from the Cedar Rapids Metro area and beyond. Our first event was held on July 16, 2016 at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our name was suggested to us by the wife of one of our organizers. Our name shares our vision with connecting readers and authors and our location. Our current logo was designed in late 2017 by Helio and Viktoria (see their portfolio).

I.O.W.A. is registered with the State of Iowa as a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit organization. You can contact I.O.W.A. by sending an email to contactus@ia-otherworlds.com

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Support I.O.W.A.

Thank you for your interest in supporting I.O.W.A. via a donation or sponsorship. All donors and sponsors will be recognized on our web site, on our Facebook page and at the event.

All inquiries about donations should be sent to Dana Beatty.

Dana Beatty, organizer
P.O. Box 182
Martelle, IA 52305

I.O.W.A. is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit organization.

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About Our Organizers

aaron bunce headshot

Aaron Bunce started his academic career in criminal justice, but eventually connected his life-long love of literature with his passion for writing.

After finishing his debut novel, Within, he attended and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing, with a focus on fiction.

He released his second novel, Before the Crow, in April 2016, offering a riveting continuation to his Overthrown series. Aaron prefers darker, grittier stories, detailing the struggle of flawed, relatable characters set against fantastical backdrops.

For more information on his fiction, social media, and future titles, visit his website.


dana beatty headshot

Dana B. was known as the publicity guy for ICON, Iowa’s longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention. Working with ICON for over 5 years networking with authors and area businesses while promoting ICON, Dana is now directing his publicity and networking skills toward making the I.O.W.A. Book Signing Event a success.



terri m leblanc headshot by robyn photography

Terri LeBlanc has over 10 years of project management experience in the higher education marketing world plus over 3 years of experience in planning bookworm-run conventions. She is the director of Second Run Reviews, a blog dedicated to educating readers about new authors, books and bookish technology.